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Hello September!


Very nice quality and supplies at this time.Citrus;California rules this mar-ket.

Navel Oranges;

Color and flavor are out-standing.

Satsuma Mandarins;

Fabulous flavor either Bald or Stem and Leaf available.. Cuties;

Available and in stock.

Cara Cara Oranges & Blood Oranges;The best of both worlds, sweet and tart!Happy New Year!



new crop as of now with all varie-ties available. Golden, Fuji, Honey Crisp, Gala’s and Granny Smiths.

New items in are the Opal Apple and the Envy Ap-ple.

Organic Gala Fuji’s and Pears are in stock.


Strawberries Rains in Santa Maria and Ox-nard CA have ham-pered harvest sched-ules.

Strawberries hit by rain will show some unsightly damage and a shorter shelf life.Blackberries out of central Mexico have been steady

Raspberries out of Baja have shown some rain damage as well.Blueberries out of Mexico, Peru and Chile have kept prices steady.


Chilean Stone Fruits are trickling in. Yellow Peach, White and Yel-low Nectarine and Red Plums. Few Apricots and Cherries have been spotted as well.

Grapes; California had an outstanding season but now it’s over.

First Chilean grapes are in now.

Tomatoes Etc.


Domestic supply is now over, Mexico has all but wound down. Offshore Canta-loupes and Honey-dews have been very nice. Watermelons’ have been an issue past several weeks.


Markets continue to im-prove on round toma-toes, Romas , Grapes and Cherry Tomatoes.The Nogales area of Mexico is ready to start shipping next week which will steady mar-kets even more.

Local Heirlooms and Mixed Cherry Toma-toes are all but fin-ished.

Eggs and Dairy:These products show no sign of leveling off in the near future.

Green Onions and Celery will be very expensive again.


Light supplies resulting in elevated pricing.

Green Beans-

Mexican product now, Mid range pricing.


~ Higher, with good quality.


This will be a prolem iten for serveal weeks due to weather.Green Onions are on the rise again. Heavy rains have destroyed much product as well aLeeks too.

Squashes~~Eggplants ~ Bell Peppers Cucumbers and Chiles.

Green Bells and Zucchini prices are very reasonable.Red Bells and Yellow

Bellsout of Coachella are winding down and have elevated prices until Mex-ico gets started.

Green Onions are still limited and remain high.


Broccoli ~
Supplies are very limited with quality is-sues such as some Pin Rot due to rain.


Extremely lim-ited. We have a handful of Ro-manesque to sub. Along with Purple and Green.


Washington and some Mexican product is avail-able.Expensive.


Prices have started to soften and over-all quality is much improved. We are seeing better siz-ing and weight on

Iceberg and soft leaf products.Romaine Hearts are still a bit more limited for a week or two.

Sweet Potatoes and Yams are very reasonable!

Potatoes are inch-ing up.

North-western transpor-tation has become a problem of late.


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