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Stronger demand and Holy Week have pushed prices up. California Avocados have started in a small way. Expect elevated prices for a few weeks.

Navel Oranges;
Again, Holy week halts harvests as laborers celebrate. Growers have pre-picked what they could for shipping.

Color and flavor are out-standing.
Cara Cara and Blood Oranges are in.
Prices falling as supplies increase.

Satsuma Mandarins;

Fabulous flavor either Bald or Stem and Leaf available. Cuties as well.

Other Citrus;

Limes have been active  with fair quality.
Lemons: this market is steady.



 Good yields from Santa Maria and Oxnard and even Baja. Multiple growing areas producing excellent quality has kept prices steady.
Blackberries out of central Mexico and Baja. Harvests will be delayed due to The Holy Week observance 

Raspberries out of Baja and Central Mexico.
Blueberries out of Mexico and Chile with good production from all areas. California fruit should start in mid April.


All varieties have been excellent.

New items in are the Opal Apple and the Envy Apple.

Organic Honeycrisp, Fuji’s and Pears are in stock.

South American Mangoes are late. By the time they recover Mexico will be shipping in March. Expect elevated pricing until then.

Poor Mexican quality have all but stopped shipments. Light supplies out of Costa Rica have elevated prices.



Imported Grapes remain high as vessel delays through the Panama canal have been hampered. Product will remain high. May starts the Mexican table grape season.

Tomatoes Etc.


Cantaloupes and Honeydews will remain active as vessel delays increase demand.
Watermelons have been a problem as past rains have been soaked up by the fruit late in the harvest cycle. We have been subbing Mini’s as quality has been much better. The domestic season is a few weeks away.


Prices on all sizes of Round Tomatoes have gone up and down in the past several weeks.
Grape and Cherry Tomatoes are still very short in supply and pricing remains high. Looking for some relief in the coming weeks as temperatures increase.

Heirlooms and Mixed Cherry Tomatoes are not local yet. Local product will be delayed a few weeks due to past storms.

Eggs and Dairy: These products have shown some deceases in pricing.


Prices have inched up some and remain in the mid to high range due to the Easter Pull.

Green Beans-

Still Mexican product, prices have decreased.


~ Steady with good quality.
This is good place to be right now.
Brussels Sprouts are a good place to be as well.

No issues from past rains anymore.
Green Onions Have recovered from past heavy rains and are decreasing in price.

Squashes~~Eggplants ~ Bell Peppers Cucumbers and Chiles.

Green Bells and Colored Bells Short supply high prices for a few more weeks as Coachella is set to start.
Zucchini and Yellow Squash are decreasing rapidly.



Broccoli ~
Supplies have improved product out of Yuma and Coachella most rain damage is behind us, and pricing has decreased. Salinas Valley is set to start in the next couple of weeks.


Again, rain damage is abating on White, Orange, Purple and Green remain expensive.
Romanesco has inched up.


Still Mexican product with Coachella Corn close by, maybe in the next few weeks!


Overall, the transitioning from Yuma through Huron on leaf products has been good. Few quality problems with Romaine products persist, blistering and some rusty ribs mostly. 

We should all Salinas Valley by mid April.

Sweet Potatoes and Yams are in the  mid-range in regard to pricing.

Potatoes have come down significantly .

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