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Office Fruit Program

Are you currently purchasing fruit from a vending company or catering company for your office fruit program? Consider the significant savings from buying from a wholesaler. We can do what they do and offer 20 to 30% savings by eliminating a layer of cost because we are direct buyers and distributors. There is no difference between your fruit program and a restaurant, cafeteria or school delivery to Galli Produce.

 We can add levels of service to fit your needs: Straight drop-off (no fee), Coffee room separation, separation and set-up (added fee).
We can offer daily, weekly or bi-weekly service with standing orders geared to local seasonal conventional or organic fruits and pre-cuts  Galli Produce is a food processor as well, we can offer very exciting fresh cut fruit cups, salsa’s and Pico blends.




Fruit Baskets

Your employees can call and order custom or our fantastic fruit baskets personally and be billed directly using their credit cards.  We could label and drop them off with your order!