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About Us

Galli Produce Company is a company dedicated to serving the local community by providing quality produce and quality service.  Customers have been able to count on Galli since 1957, contact us to join our list of loyal, satisfied customers.

We Understand Your Challenges

Distribution includes all of the above and whatever each segment requires as to timing, service, product specifications, is approached after determining what the segment requires.  Timing is paramount when it comes to the Cruise Line segment, due to arrival time and the orders forwarded and staged for specific delivery.  No matter what segment is involved, we all know that any product does not merely drop from the sky as needed, and we also know that any Food service recipient may have “cold soup “ on any given day, so nothing is perfect.

Corporate Dining has strict policies on Security issues and where “Dark Drops” are required, the security requirements need to be discussed early on with all data regarding same documented.

In the School and Assisted Living segments, there are restrictions based on neighborhood requirements, and again the delivery times NEED to be followed.

The routing challenges are all encompassing and is mandatory in determining the delivery schedule to any segment.

We find in many situations that the client that has maximum storage, and requires daily delivery, often times, has not planned their work and worked their plan.  Every individual delivery incurs to  the distributor a  fixed cost, and when the “end user” provides the flexibility and understands that No Produce delivered today, was picked and sourced that morning. He then understands that deliveries have a major influence in the cost of the product. The minimum time from the field to the distributor is between 3 and 4 days, and of course longer for items that are sourced from countries outside of the USA.

We are committed and if all of the information that has been provided, is read in its entirety then Galli is the correct source for the Avendra group, either as a primary or a first class secondary vendor of Produce products.