Long before the major Broadline Distribution centers introduced their version of produce distribution, Galli was serving many of the premier white tablecloth operations, health care, catering facilities and the one major “end user” contract food management.

Galli provided the initial service to Canteen Corporation at it’s new location in San Jose named IBM. In addition they served corporate food services at locations named, Syntex Laboratories, Fairchild Semi-Conductor, Lockheed, Amelco, National Semi Conductor and many others, there are just too many to list.

Today they serve Corporate entities such as the San Jose and Santa Clara Convention Centers, the HP Arena, Nividia, Symantec, and KLA. 

Galli works directly with specified growers to source specific products, ie. Romaine Hearts, Iceberg Lettuce, Tomatoes, Field Greens, Squashes and a multitude of other items.  We are not a part of a consortium that negotiates prices and sources for a large contingent of food operations where PRICE appears to be the key, thereby providing promotional allowances to you the end user.

The COST of the product should be the priority, thereby allowing the operator to know the exact COST after processing.

We also deal directly with local growers that provide specialty items, ie. Organic product, and we are capable of providing Farmers Market service when requested. We are HACCP certified, and are fully aware of the shortcomings, as well with local sources, as they in many cases have no clue about safety, maintaining the cold chain throughout the process.

Yes, Galli has all the advantages as stated above to meet ANY request by ANY Food service provider, and look forward to the opportunity to demonstrate same.



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Distributors to the Food Service Industry Since 1957

As an essential food supplier, Galli Produce Company is open and supplying it’s Food Service, Hospital, Assisted Living and Restaurant clients daily.

- Delivery schedules vary as we are short staffed.
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